S500 1500W Diode Laser skin care rejuvenation and laser hair removal machine

4 wavelength skin care rejuvenation and diode laser hair removal machine

Why choose a diode laser hair removal machine?

A diode laser is a type of laser that uses a semiconductor as its active medium, and it’s a popular choice for hair removal due to its ability to specifically target melanin in hair follicles, making it effective on a variety of skin types, including both light and dark complexions. 

Their longer wavelength allows for deeper skin penetration and less discomfort compared to other methods, making them a less painful and safer option. 

Diode lasers offer faster treatment times as they cover larger areas, leading to more efficient sessions. They are particularly effective for thicker hair and provide long-lasting results, with a reduced likelihood of regrowth.


Laser Type : Diode Laser

Wavelength: 755/808/940/1064 nm

Spot Size: Ø6mm/12*12/12*24/12*36 mm

Working Model:  Rejuvenation -- SR/BSR/PSR 
                           Hair Removal --  SHR /HR/BHR/PHR

Engry Density : 1-120 J/cm²

Frequency : 1-20 Hz

Screen  15.6 inch industrial Capacitive Touch Screen

Voltage: AC220V 50/60 Hz
Power of Machine 1850w
Cooling System: TEC Electronics Cooling + Variable Frequency Compressor Colling + Air Cooling.
Working Temperature : 15-35 ℃
Dimension: 1080*366*626mm